Twilight Series Spa Models

We found a way to reduce the space required for this Twilight hot tub without cutting back on any of the premium features. Two pumps power 26 jets, including the popular Master Blaster® foot massage jets. We’ve also found room for a cascading waterfall and beautiful lighting. Make the most of the room you have.

Two pumps and 30 jets provide plenty of hydrotherapy in a smaller-sized hot tub. We’ve taken advantage of every inch, making room for a full lounger plus a StressRelief Neck and Shoulder SeatTM. A great choice for smaller spaces.

Everything you need in a hot tub, this model provides plenty of seating with a lounger and delightful features such as a waterfall, Master Force™ Bio-Magnetic Therapy System and our exclusive Orion Light System.

Everything you need in a hot tub, this model has room for up to seven adults including three seats with comfortable head rests. It also offers delightful features such as a waterfall, bio-magnetic therapy and our exclusive Orion Light SystemTM .

Discover the power of good — and better and best. You can feel good knowing that you will live life better, thanks to the best of hydrotherapy. With 44 jets and lounge seating, experience head-to-toe relaxation. Plus, like all Master Spas hot tubs, the TS 8.2 offers low maintenance and energy efficiency, so owning and caring for it is easy.

Very similar to the award-winning TS 8.2, this roomy hot tub replaces the lounger with additional seating. Master Blaster® Foot Therapy, colorful lights, three water features and an optional sound system complete this smart choice.

This petite hot tub is packed full of features including a Master Blaster® foot massage jet, cascading waterfall and colorful lights. It’s not only designed to fit small spaces, but is also an ideal choice for smaller families.