Michael Phelps Spas By Master Spas

You don’t have to be an Olympian to train like one with a Michael Phelps swim spa. These spas are ideal for training, swimming, fitness, aquatic therapy and relaxation. Explore the luxury of year-round swimming with a Michael Phelps swim spa.

Explore all the amazing features that Michael Phelps Swim Spashave to offer

Michael Phelps Force Deep Swim Spa

The new MP Force Deep Spa is just 16′ 9″ long but is packed with more features and a bigger swim area than any swim spa in its class

Michael Phelps Momentum Deep Swim Spa

The patented Wave Propulsion technology utilizes a unique propeller to provide a smoother, wider current for a superior swimming experience. The exciting, new Momentum Dual Temperature Swim Spa has raised the bar in both design and function in the Swim Spa category.

Michael Phelps Signature Deep Swim Spa

Designed for elite swimmers with input from Michael Phelps. The Michael Phelps Signature swim spa is nearly 18′ long and designed for aggressive swimming and training.