Getaway Hot Tub Models

Everything you need in a hot tub, the Bar Harbor LE provides plenty of seating including a lounger. Enjoy delightful features such as 40 therapeutic jets, backlit cupholders and a cascading waterfall.

Lose yourself in relaxation as 25 targeted jets deliver powerful hydrotherapy. You’ll love all the features of the Bar Harbor SE, including the lounge seat and a cascading waterfall. Plug in to any standard 120-Volt outlet.

The perfect combination of therapy and comfort, while giving you the fl exibility to hook it up to a 120-Volt or 240-Volt power supply. This model seats up to four people, and features 28 jets, backlit cupholders, and a sconce waterfall.

With the San Miguel, you can have the relaxation and therapy of owning a hot tub in a surprisingly small space. This 3-person hot tub features a lounge, 17 relaxing jets and comes as a convenient plug-and-play model that can be installed indoors or out in a surprisingly small space.

Everything you need in a hot tub, this model has room for up to seven adults including three seats with comfortable head rests. It also offers delightful features such as a waterfall, bio-magnetic therapy and our exclusive Orion Light SystemTM .