Clarity Spas By Aqua Haven

Clarity Spas are designed to offer superior relaxation, recreation, comfort and wellness that is unmatched in the industry. With the inclusion of comforting ergonomic seats, you will experience the best relaxation possible. Discover the joy Clarity Spas can provide.

Explore all the amazing features that Clarity Spas by Master Spas has to offer.

Hot Tub Ergonomic Design

From the minute you sit down, you’ll feel the difference. Our engineers created seats that complement the contour of your body, making it easy to relax, naturally. Once you’re wrapped in comfort of the form fitting seats, strategic jet placement delivers targeted hydrotherapy from head to toe.

Hot Tub Therapy

StressRelief Neck and Shoulder Seat

Our exclusive stress relieving, reverse molded, neck and shoulder seat features a ledge with specially designed jets that are trained downward—putting your neck and shoulders under the jets for the ultimate tension-relieving massage. Feel the stress relieving power of our massaging jets, and you’ll wonder how you lived without it.

Master Force Bio-Magnetic Therapy System

Magnetic therapy was used for centuries to relieve pain, improve circulation, reduce swelling and alleviate stiffness. Today, more and more doctors and physical therapists are returning to the healing effects of magnetic therapy.

Sights & Sounds

Bluetooth speaker

Whether you are hanging out with loved ones or want to create a moment of calm, the right playlist can help you set the mood. This sound system has 40W power and a bass boost with up to 10 hours of playtime. It’s designed to easily rest on the water features of the spa for superior sound quality.

Pure Enjoyment

EcoPur® Charge Water Purification

EcoPur® Charge is a Master Spas exclusive hot tub water filtration system that makes maintaining your hot tub simple, reducing overall costs and the time spent on upkeep.

Energy Efficient

Better insulation means lower energy costs. We use environmentally-friendly foam technology that has dramatically raised the standard over urethane foam insulation systems used by almost all U.S. spa manufacturers.