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Getaway Hot Tubs

Bar Harbor LE

Everything you need in a hot tub, the Bar Harbor LE provides plenty of seating including a lounger. Enjoy delightful features such as 40 therapeutic jets, backlit cupholders and a cascading waterfall.


Bar Harbor SE

Lose yourself in relaxation as 25 targeted jets deliver powerful hydrotherapy. You’ll love all the features of the Bar Harbor SE, including the lounge seat and a cascading waterfall. Plug in to any standard 120-Volt outlet.

Getaway Bar Harbor SE

Ocho Rios CS

The perfect combination of therapy and comfort, while giving you the fl exibility to hook it up to a 120-Volt or 240-Volt power supply. This model seats up to four people, and features 28 jets, backlit cupholders, and a sconce waterfall.

Getaway Ocho Rios CS

Ocho Rios SE

With four bucket seats and 17 jets, you and three others can fi nd an escape in your own backyard. Installation is quick and easy. Simply select your location, add water, plug in to any standard 120-Volt outlet, and enjoy.

Getaway Ocho Rios SE

San Miguel

With the San Miguel, you can have the relaxation and therapy of owning a hot tub in a surprisingly small space. This 3-person hot tub features a lounge, 17 relaxing jets and comes as a convenient plug-and-play model that can be installed indoors or out in a surprisingly small space.

Getaway San Miguel

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