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Experience Hydrotherapy with a Healthy Living Hot Tub

Experience Hydrotherapy with a Healthy Living Hot Tub

Experience Hydrotherapy with a Healthy Living Hot Tub

Hydrotherapy has grown in recent years as an excellent way to unwind and let go of modern stressors that you may encounter throughout your day. In fact, if you have ever spent time in a hotel hot tub after a long day of driving, you likely already know how beneficial hydrotherapy can be. To ensure the best experience possible, here are some of the reasons you should invest in a Healthy Living Hot Tub.

StressRelief Neck and Shoulder Seat™

Each Healthy Living Hot Tub features one or more StressRelief Neck and Shoulder Seat™ to provide ultimate comfort and deliver a highly effective tension-relieving massage. This special headrest ensures that your shoulders and neck are at the optimal position to ensure the best position possible to benefit from powerful massaging jets. Your stress is guaranteed to melt away effortlessly with just a little bit of time in these incredible hot tubs.

Orion Light System

It’s no secret that lighting plays a significant part in being able to relax and get comfortable. When paired with hydrotherapy, you will have everything needed to create a relaxing and beneficial environment to help you relax. The Orion Light System included with each Healthy Living Hot Tub helps you create a soothing environment with a kaleidoscope of colors to further benefit your hot tub experience, particularly at night.

Master Force™ Bio-Magnetic Therapy System

You may be surprised to learn that nearly 70% of professional athletes utilize magnetic therapy to both increase their performance and obtain pain relief. To help homeowners achieve this powerful therapy from the comfort of their own home, Healthy Living Hot Tubs utilize the Master Force™ Bio-Magnetic Therapy System. Strategically placed, powerful magnets found behind the StressRelief Neck and Shoulder Seat™ to enhance your hydrotherapy.

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