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Advice for Opening Your Above Ground Pool

Advice for Opening Your Above Ground Pool

Advice for Opening Your Above Ground Pool

Swimming season is rapidly approaching and many homeowners are looking forward to breaking out their old pool accessories and spending quality time with family and friends. While you could hire someone to come and open your above ground pool, the process is generally easy enough for homeowners to complete. Here is the advice you need to get your pool up and running.

Clean Your Cover

Any pools that were left up during the winter will undoubtedly have a cover installed on them. During the colder seasons, it’s likely that debris and water have accumulated on it and will need to be removed before taking the cover off to avoid transferring it into the pool water. Be careful not to use a sharp object when doing this or you could damage the pool cover. Once cleaned, you can successfully and easily remove the pool cover without any worry.

Re-Install Filter and Pump

In most cases, reattaching a filter and pump to an above ground pool is a fairly simple process, provided that you don’t have any leaks or poor seals. Before you are able to top off your water levels, you likely will want to install your filter to provide a barrier to avoid leakage through the skimmer as it begins to fill. Once these are installed, you can then top off the water to reach the midway point of the skimmer opening or a designated fill line.

Find Your Balance

At this point, you can begin cleaning out any debris that may have made its way into the pool by using your pump, net, brush and any other pool cleaning tools you may use throughout the swimming season. Once any lingering debris has been removed, you will likely need to shock your pool and begin balancing the water to make it ready for swimming. If you are unsure of what products you may need, the experts at Aqua Haven can help!

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