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Introducing the Axis Cover System by Master Spas

Introducing the Axis Cover System by Master Spas

Introducing the Axis Cover System by Master Spas

If you are like many of the Aqua Haven customers that have invested in a Master Spa Swim Spa, you likely are looking for the easiest and most user friendly solutions to protect it. Swim spa covers can not only keep the quality of your water from deteriorating quickly, it can help protect your swim spa from potential damages that occur when it is exposed to the elements. Fortunately, Master Spas has introduced the new roll-up Axis Cover System to make protecting your swim spa easier than ever!

User Friendly Design

Struggling with your swim spa cover can often make consistent use challenging, removing any benefits that can be achieved by using it. With the Axis Cover System, available exclusively for Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spas and H2X Fitness Swim Spas, covering your swim spa is quick and easy. This product provides a tight, clean-looking fit that is easily rolled up when not in use.

Quality Construction

The Axis Cover System is a premium swim spa cover that exceeds the quality standards found with other similar products. This unique swim spa cover system is constructed of several layers to provide the highest quality of protection and insulation available for your swim spa for an unmatched fit and finish. Here are the materials utilized that make this swim spa cover so high-quality:

  • Vinyl Face Coat – The utilization of a vinyl face coat ensures optimal weather protection that can extend the life of both your swim spa cover and the swim spa itself.
  • Adhesive Coat – This swim spa cover system utilizes a unique adhesive coat that permeates fibers and forms a monolithic molecular bond.
  • Architectural Fabric – This layer consists of tightly woven, high-strength fibers that can help provide superior tear and puncture resistance.
  • Vinyl Back Coat – The utilization of a proprietary vinyl back coat in this swim spa cover system provides abrasion resistance to further extend the life of your swim spa cover system with extended use.
  • Insulation Bag – The inclusion of a proprietary 5-layer insulation bag provides optimal energy efficiency that is unmatched on the market currently.

Why Choose Aqua Haven?

Aqua Haven Spas has been serving Oklahoma City since 2003 selling Quality Master Spas brand products. We strive to provide consumers with hard-to-find spa and pool care products and accessories; backyard entertainment products and more, all at the lowest prices on the internet. We encourage you to browse our swim spas to find the perfect one for you including H2X Swim Spas and Michael Phelps Swim Spas!