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Maintaining Your Hot Tub

Maintaining Your Hot Tub

Maintaining Your Hot Tub

The joy of having your own personal hot tub can be short lived if the proper steps aren’t taken to maintain the equipment and ensure the water is safe. Properly maintaining your hot tub or spa requires more than just regularly cleaning the filter and cover and requires properly balancing the water. Follow these steps when maintaining your hot tub or spa for the best results.

Test the Water

Once or twice a week, you should invest time into testing the chemical and mineral levels of your hot tub or spa. This can easily be performed by using the Aqua Check Digital Tester or Nature’s Choice Spa and Pool Test Strips. This test will help determine the needed chemicals to help balance your water properly. Follow the directions of your chosen product to determine the next steps.

These test strips will provide a wide range of information on the conditions of the water in your hot tub including alkalinity, pH and chlorine levels. If even one of these levels is off, the water quality can quickly deteriorate. Having the right balance of these levels is the most important aspect of maintaining your hot tub or spa.

Add Needed Chemicals

Once you know what your current water levels are, you will be able to determine what chemicals are needed to balance your water. It is important to add the chemicals one at a time to ensure the desired outcome is achieved. It is important to leave the spa running to mix the chemicals throughout the water as they are added.

Pre-measuring the chemicals prior to adding them will ensure the correct amounts of each required chemical are added.  Adding too many chemicals can corrode spa equipment, while not enough chemicals can allow bacteria and other harmful contaminants to flourish in the water. We invite you to browse the Spa Chemicals available through Aqua Haven’s product catalog to ensure you have the chemicals you need!

Why Choose Aqua Haven?

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