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Tips for Closing Your Above Ground Pool for Winter

Tips for Closing Your Above Ground Pool for Winter

Tips for Closing Your Above Ground Pool for Winter

If you have an inground pool or an above ground pool that stays up year-round, you are likely already considering your options for closing or winterizing the pool for the season. This process is essential for protecting your pool from the damages that can occur due to freezing water and ensures your water is as clean as possible when it’s time to reopen the pool. Here are some tips for closing your above ground pool for winter.

Remove Debris from Pool

To ensure your pool doesn’t develop algae or contain organic materials that may degrade the water quality over time, it is important to vacuum and brush the inside prior to closing your above ground pool for the winter. This should be done before balancing the water with chemicals to ensure that the best results are achieved. Ensure as much debris as possible is removed and the sides of the pool are thoroughly brushed to remove potential algae growth.

Adjust Water Levels

Because Oklahoma is prone to freezing temperatures, it is important to drain some of the water from your pool to allow for the expansion of water as it converts to ice. In most cases, you will want to drain the pool to be at least 4 to 6 inches below the top of the skimmer. This allows adequate space for expansion of the water throughout the winter without risking damage to the pool.

Balance Water Chemistry

Much like maintaining your above ground pool throughout the summer, you will want to balance the water chemistry prior to closing your above ground pool for the winter. With proper treatments, this can ensure your pool remains fairly clean until it is time to reopen it next season. Utilize a test kit to determine what chemicals are needed to balance the pool, then shock and chlorinate it to kill any lingering bacteria.

Install a Pool Air Pillow

A pool air pillow is a large inflatable device that will need to be inserted into the water before closing your above ground pool for the winter. The pool air pillow is used to limit the amount of ice that has a chance to build up in freezing temperatures. This ensures that your water doesn’t freeze and damage the lining or frame of your above ground pool.

Cover Your Above Ground Pool

Installing a cover on your above ground pool will ensure that no debris, animals or other unwanted materials make their way into your above ground pool. This will ensure that your treated pool remains as clean and balanced as possible. Installing a pool cover ensures that your pool will be ready for the upcoming summer season.

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